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Workshop "Similarity from Distinct Point of Views"

11.10. - 16.10.2010, Venice International University


"Similarity from Distinct Point of Views"

PhD program "Empirical Speech and Language Processing"

San Servolo, Venice, 11th - 16th October 2010

Notions of "similarity", or its neighbour "nearidentity", appear in many disciplines. In this workshop we want to look at the problem of defining, understanding, formalizing, recognizing, and exploiting similarity from an interdisciplinary point of view. Contributions to the workshop are expected from, but not limited to the following topics:

Computer Linguistics

  • similarity of words
  • similarity of documents

Computational Statistics

  • grouping similar objects using cluster algorithms
  • lowdimensional representations via multidimensional scaling

Media Informatics

  • similarity as a concept in user interfaces
  • construction of complex systems by reusing similar systems

Phonetics and Speech Processing

  • similarity in speech production and perception
  • invariance and variability in human and machine speech processing

Comparative Linguistics

  • origins of linguistic similarity
  • description of similarity between languages

Organisation of the workshop

Following a practical approach, workshop participants are asked to report on instances of research in their own fields related to questions of similarity and/or nearidentity.

Schedule (planned)

11th Oct. 2010 travel and registration

12th 13th Oct. 2010 workshop "Similarity from Distinct Points of View"

14th 15th Oct. 2010 colloquium of the PhD program ESP


The workshop will be held on the island of San Servolo in Venice, Italy. Accommodations are available on the island.


E-Mail schicken an sibylle.tiedemann@lmu.de Sibylle von Tiedemann for further information and organisational questions.

Download: announcement (PDF, 153,1 kb).